About me

I am a Research Assistant Professor at Systems Software Research Group in Virginia Tech, working with Prof. Binoy Ravindran. Recently, I work on system and software security projects, including system support for heterogeneous architectures, and software system security. My past projects also include building secure systems on (with) virtualization, operating system kernel, and compiler.


  • [08/2022] Our work of out-of-bound code/data page re-randomization using CRIU has been accepted at MTD’22!
  • [07/2022] We received an award from ONR! Thanks to our sponsor!
  • [02/2022] Our work of cross-ISA enclave offloading has been accepted at SysTEX’22!
  • [10/2021] We received an award from NSF! Thanks to our sponsor!
  • … …

A list of recent publications.